Hey Peeps, Check your Vitals before you take that Disco Nap.

My eldest daughter is what is known as a “tweener”, the delicate age that comes right before puberty where you’re too old to play with the little kids and not quite old enough to hang with the teenagers. It’s tough time, I’m sure.

Personally, I don’t remember having issues with those years because I was living on a farm in the middle of Texas and had the horses and cows as my friends – they didn’t care if I wore the most current of fashions or whether I had body odor or not. I’m just sayin’.

Since I am a person who is relationship-oriented, I tend to do a lot of research and reading on anything I think might help me to identify with what she’s going through and possibly give her some tips to help her “fit in” with the kids at our new church.

Of course, I am learning as I go too, because let’s face it – it’s been a lot of years since I was a pre-teen and I’m not exactly known for my stellar memory. Nor am I known for being a “cool” mom, in fact, I’ve been called the “meanest mom in the world” before, but that’s entirely subject to interpretation, as I’m sure you well know.

However, I have learned a few words which I’d like to share with you at this time, so that you too, may enjoy a full and enriching relationship with your tween/teenager (or at least be able to cipher what they’re saying):


tatted out: covered in tattoos

tramp stamp: a tattoo on a woman’s lower back, designed for viewing between low-riding jeans and short t-shirts.

scooby doos: good shoes


cupcaking: public display of affection

boo: boyfriend or girlfriend

flirtationship: a prolonged flirtation with an acquaintance, not involving physical contact.


brodown: boy’s night out

bromance: a close, but nonsexual relationship between 2 men.

n00b: a newcomer


crunk: a hip-hop genre

disco nap: a short nap before clubbing

to take elements of existing peices of music, usually of different genres, and combine them into a new song.


check vitals: monitor one’s email, cellphone, voice mail, and other electronics

floss: to show off your wealth

jump the shark: to have peaked and now be on a downward slide

rock: to manifest greatness


fo’ shizzle: certainly

obvi: obviously

totes: totally


the bomb: an ultimate favorite

off the chain: the bomb

ridonkulous: beyond ridiculous

sick: extremely cool

tight: fantastic

wack: unjustifiable


chav: derogatory term for a working-class youth.

nutter: a crazy person

snog: to kiss

T5: disorganization, like the infamous new Terminal Five @ Heathrow Airport

The End:

badonkadonk: an attractive derriere

So how many of these words did you already know? Were any of them new to you?

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New beginnings


For any of you who aren’t familiar with what that means – in CSS and blog coding terms, the “/” symbol means “end”…and because I’m a blog designer and I love geekspeak, I am saying “end excuses” when I use that symbol. The buck stops here. I’m hopping back on my blog bandwagon and not looking back at the deserted plains I’ve crossed in the last two months.

As I said before, our family has seen some mighty exciting changes on both the home and church front. Since I can’t just compose one single blog post that encompasses the many changes that have occurred, (it would be of gargantuan proportions, believe me), I shall attempt to update you on one of the items today – Church.

One thing about blogging is that you really have to watch what you say, because it’s just going to be floating out there in the world wide web for ages and ages to come. It’s for that reason, and because I needed to gain some perspective and examine my heart and motives that I haven’t written about our change of churches before now.

I suspect that anyone who has ever been in a church for any length of time and then moved or left it for one reason or another knows what we have gone through. It has been tough to leave our children’s friends and our old church family behind, but we truly and genuinely believe that’s what God was calling us to do. Every church has its issues and problems and it would be no surprise to anyone (including our old church’s pastor) if I said there were things that we weren’t happy with there. However, we are not the sort to leave a church because something has upset us – if we did that, we’d be church-hoppers, because you simply can’t please all the people all the time. We are nothing if not loyal and the reason we left had absolutely nothing to do with anything that had occurred in our church. (Although I’m quite sure folks think it did – but again, you can’t really speak to that, or you just add fuel to the fire).

My husband is a licensed preacher. He’s not a pastor, and he’s never been ordained in any capacity in the church, because he’s never been part of a paid staff. In the last year or so, we have really felt an urgency that he should be preaching more and readying himself for something greater than what he’s been doing. What? We don’t know. But it’s there and we’ve just felt that we should prepare for it.

We had been praying separately about what to do, not ever thinking we’d leave our church…but we had a Bible conference a couple of months ago and it was during that conference we began to get some little “confirmations” (for lack of a better word) that we should in fact move our membership. I didn’t discuss it with Floy and he didn’t discuss it with me. We simply prayed.

One night, about a week after the Bible conference, Floy asked me if I wanted to visit another church and I immediately said, “Sure!” (I might have even clapped my hands together in glee and danced an undignified dance, but don’t hold me to it.) Over the course of the next two weeks, we visited two churches, one fairly large with lots of programs and youth and another with a medium membership comprised mostly of older folks (50 and up).

I can’t explain how or when it happened, but we both felt drawn to the medium sized church. There was just something about it – the folks were friendly, they had “some” youth, but more than that, there was a sense that we “belonged” there. We met with the pastor and moved our membership the next week.

It all happened so fast, we sort of forgot to tell our old pastor. Again, we weren’t upset about anything, so it came as a complete shock to him when my husband turned our keys in and told him what we’d done and where we were going. Bless his heart, he asked my husband, “Is it anything I’ve done?” (No, sir, it was not you, I assure you).

We are positively ecstatic with our new church home. God has opened up doors for us to work an outreach ministry for our church on Sundays and I’m singing my heart out almost every service doing backup and solos. I KNOW God’s hand was in this. I’m so thankful we listened to his gentle leading.

/ of story.

Well, almost. I’ll fill you in on some of the other things I’ve been up to tomorrow and next week. For now, I must finish a design I’ve been working on, as I promised a preview to the client by this weekend. Want to see one of the latest I designed? If you want to see it live, you can visit it here. She just had a baby, so be gentle…she’s not had time to post anything yet…but you can always leave her a congratulations on the new baby!

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Oh, hello. Were you talking to me?

Well, this is some fine thing I’ve gone and done. I’ve been blogging for almost three years now and I think this past month is the spottiest and worst job I’ve done of updating regularly.

I’m starting to dig my way out from whatever it is that I’ve been under and I’ve so much to share with y’all this week. I just don’t have a lot of time this morning, as I’m running behind on getting homeschool started. (I actually slept in for the first time in a long time)

I want to thank each and every one of you who have left comments and visited in spite of the fact that I’ve been absent and haven’t been returning emails. I absolutely HATE not replying to comments left on my blog, but I seriously needed a break. It means a lot to me that you’ll still read and comment – I’ll be better about replying, because I really do read and enjoy each and every comment…and I don’t want them to stop! 🙂

This past month has been so good for me. If you ever feel overwhelmed, take a step back and look at some things you can streamline. I have posted less this month, put “Behind the Blog” on a hiatus, and resigned as a full time contributor to Blissfully Financial (you’ll still see articles from me – in fact, I think Darla’s posting one today, but I’m not on a schedule any longer). It’s been phenomenally good for me.

God has been so incredibly good to me and has provided me an association with a company that I am so excited about. I am the newest team member and Blogger Design Coordinator for Pulse Point Design, a custom web design company for authors, artists and small businesses. I am thrilled to be part of this team – if you check out some of our clients, you’ll see some very popular and well known Christian authors and you’ll also see some beautiful designs. I will not be designing, but coding for blogger designs such as this one that I recently did and am very proud of. It is the first vertical navigation bar I’ve seen on blogger.

Our family has also made a major change that has so far been good for everyone. We prayerfully made the decision to change churches, which is a blog post in itself. Our children have only known one church all their lives and I was so concerned this would be so upsetting for them, but once again, it just goes to show you – if God’s in something, it’s going to be okay. He’s made the adjustment period virtually painless – our kids LOVE our new church and we are finding more ways to serve and be active, which is a HUGE blessing for us.

So, there you have it. A small recap of sorts. I’ll be posting more regularly than I have been and will fill in all the details as I can. I’ve taken some really great photos that are sitting in my Photoshop folder waiting for touchups, crops, etc. and will be posting a few of those as well.

And as a final tease…for the month of October…I’ll be giving away something that will put every other giveaway I’ve ever done to shame. (Yes, it’s that good) So watch for it (hint: It’s a compound word that has something to do with pictures)- you won’t want to miss it. I promise you!

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Minute Chocolate Mug Cake – You can thank me later

This recipe was sent to me by my dear friend, Jeanette and may I just say that today was a better day all because I made this and ate it?

If you’re in need of a quick but extremely tasty chocolate fix, this little gem will fix you right up, I promise. (I also made a chocolate sauce to drizzle on top, because I’m PMSing like that)

Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

1 Coffee Mug

4 tablespoons flour (that’s plain flour, not self-rising)

4 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons baking cocoa

1 egg

3 tablespoons milk

3 tablespoons oil

3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)

Small splash of vanilla

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla , and mix again. Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don’t be alarmed! Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.

Note: this is not a cake that stores well – it becomes rather chewy if left out more than 15 minutes or so, so eat it while it’s hot!

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