Blogging Is Like Singing

Some time last year, I remember reading several interesting conversations about metaphors for blogging. I couldn’t think of anything at the time to write about (imagine that), but after a year and a half of thinking, I’ve finally realized what I think blogging is like. And I’m going to share it now – aren’t you giddy with excitement? I know I am. Without further ado…

Blogging is Like Singing.

It’s always best if you do some warm ups.

Breathe properly and your voice will be clearer.

You must learn your range, because singing in the wrong key can hurt your voice.

Sometimes you sing only for an audience of One.

People will love or hate you based on your sound character – don’t try to sound like someone else – just be you.

Singing is a skill that requires muscle memory.

It takes lots of practice before you sing well.

You must believe in yourself to sing in front of others.

Sometimes you sing off-pitch.

Sometimes you get laryngitis and can’t sing at all.

Other times you fake having laryngitis because you don’t feel like singing.

Sometimes you forget why you started singing in the first place.

And then you sing, the audience applauds, and a new resolve is born to sing again.

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Win a Peek Mobile Email Device

****Contest Closed – scroll to bottom of post to see who the winner is!****

So is your Christmas shopping done yet? (I haven’t even begun, which is not unusual for me) If you’re anything like me (read: procrastinator), you definitely read on to find out how you can win something for your own Christmas stocking this year!

While the majority of techy-type gadgets get more complicated with time, (think Blackberrys), the Peek mobile email device is one of the simplest I’ve ever used. I love mine and never leave home without it now.

You can add multiple email address to it (think: personal, blog, etc…) and it will check them all, keeping you in touch without ever having to be near a computer. There is a $20 monthly fee, but there are no contracts to sign and no hassles – if you like it, use it. Besides, have you checked the prices of a phone contract with internet or email capabilities? Hello? This is much more affordable for the average person who doesn’t need constant internet access or even (gasp! have a cell phone), but would love to keep in touch via email. The goal is to give you “just unlimited email—no contracts, no hidden fees, no complications.”

Now some of you are thinking, “Why in the world would I ever need that, since I never check my email anyway?” Believe me, if you don’t need it, you probably know someone who does – it would make a great gift – even Oprah thinks so.

And the folks at Peek are so kind, they want to give one away right here! You have your choice between charcoal grey, cherry red, or aqua blue. Please specify the your color choice in your comment and I’ll choose a winner Monday morning. *One entry per person, and this is open only to those with US addresses, but regardless of whether you are a blogger or non-blogger, you’re welcome to enter. Best of luck!

And just so you know, I do have some actual…you know, POSTS planned for this week. I have had my head down working for the past two weeks and have barely had time to do much else. 🙂 It’s a good thing, but it’s also terrible that I’ve neglected my blog for this long…sigh.

And the WINNER IS:
But who IS that??? {We Are That Family!!!} Lucky dog…you win all kinds of contests! Congrats…stay tuned – I might have something up my sleeve for next month…along with some posts I promised. Ahem.

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And the Winner is..

Well, it’s an hour later than I intended…I was going to be all “smart” and draw at 11:11 pm on 11/11…get it? I love that kind of stuff. Instead, it’s 12:11 and I drew via the random number generator….drumroll…

There were 16 entries for the contest – Commenter #9, MzTerry is the winner! Congrats! Please email me your mailing address so I can contact our generous sponsor and let them know who to send the prize to! (Also, please let me know whether you want a hat or a tee to go with that music!)

Thanks for playing along everyone – watch for more fun giveaways soon…

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One Bank that Never Fails

Antique Mommy has a great post up about the recent changes in the economy and how it’s affecting your budgets, what you’re doing about it and how you’re saying money…it’s definitely worth checking out.

Along the same lines, I keep thinking about Christmas and how the economy has affected us personally and what we’ll do this year for family and the kiddos.

I have been reticent to discuss our finances on my blog, but I will tell you this much…we’re feeling it just like everyone else. Our income has been nonexistent this year. What I mean to say is that my husband’s business has brought in about $4000. Yes. $4000 for the YEAR. Hello. It’s been tough, to say the least. The bright side? God is providing for our every need…and even some we didn’t know we had. And we are learning what Faith and Trust in Him are really all about, and that He’s the only bank that will never fail.

I feel like I’m cheating God in some way and not giving Him the glory He deserves by NOT discussing what’s happened the last two years since my husband quit his job and started working for himself. But I’m honestly struggling with how to share the story in a way that is a testament to God’s mercy and grace, as well as how He provides for us when we try to do what we feel is His perfect Will for our lives.

It just sounds sappy, doesn’t it? lol I thought so, too.

I’ll think on it some more…and if you have any thoughts about homemade Christmas items the kids can make, I’m all ears. I’m on the lookout now for cute ideas for grandparents and a couple of their aunts and uncles.

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Linda Eder Giveaway

It’s Monday and it feels like a wonderful day for a giveway! Who’s up for a giveaway? Anyone? Anyone?

Last week, I received the newest Linda Eder cd “The Other Side of Me” in the mail for a review. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I’m a sucker for anyone who’s been on Broadway because I adore music and have extremely varied tastes.

That said, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this cd, because I had read it was a deviation from the style that fans of Linda Eder had come to know and love over the last 15 years. (I first saw her as “Lucy” in the Broadway rendition of “Jekyl & Hyde” in the late 90’s)

I was not disappointed, however. Her newer style is infused with just a touch of country flavor and I truly enjoyed the album. My favorite song was actually written by Linda and is called “Waiting for the Fall” – which has an unexpected mix of hip-hop accompanied by a bouncy beat. (Can you tell I’m not a music reviewer by nature?)

I would totally buy this album, that is, if the good folks at the One2One Network hadn’t already sent it to me.

The best part? YOU have a chance to win “The Other Side of Me” autographed CD and autographed T-shirt or hat right here. Yay for Mondays! And yay for giveaways!
The contest will end at 11:11pm, Tuesday, 11/11 (it’s easier for me to remember that way), my trusty friend, Mister Random Number Generator, will pick for me and a winner will be announced on my blog.

The Hoops:

1. Leave a comment on this post, which includes your email address or links back to your blog, which has an email address in a visible location.

2. Enter only once, please.

3. If you aren’t the lucky winner, you can purchase the new cd at Barnes and Noble.

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Before and After – Mommy Making Money

Gina is the blogger behind “Mommy Making Money“, who says that part of her job as a SAHM is to save money as a way of making money to contribute to their family budget. Gotta love that, huh?

She shares her strategies, tips for planning and organization, and ways to have FUN on a tight budget. She also does lots of great giveaways! Whether you’re a working mom, stay-at-home mom, or anyone else, these strategies can work for you – and I highly suggest you check her out if you’ve never visited her before.

Gina admitted that she was tired of the green on her blog and really desired a change. Since her blog was about saving money and shopping, sprinkled with tidbits of her life with her three children, she also suggested a mom with a shopping cart or some other illustration that represented a mom with children. Here’s what her old blog looked like:

The challenge was to find an illustration that was connotative of her decision to be frugal and wise with money in order to help her family out. I thought about owls and found this graphic, and the rest, as they say, was history. Check out the cute little RSS and Email graphics I created just for her blog too!

Gina emailed me the day I installed it – here’s an excerpt:

I saw the preview this morning and was FLOORED! You did such a beautiful job capturing me, I don’t know how you did it! I was so surprised by the colors and stripes, I took this picture so you could see what my girls were wearing this morning when they got up. How did you know??? 🙂

And the photo? How cute are these precious little owls?

If you get a chance, stop by Gina’s blog and say “hi!” today. She’s sick, the kids are sick – I’m sure she could use the encouragement. 🙂

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