Baby to English Dictionary

For those who want to know, Abby, our youngest child at 20 months, has quite the vocabulary now. You just have to really, really pay close attention and listen to the fine nuances in her voice, as some of the words are the same, but the lilt in her voice changes the meaning.

“dada” =Daddy
“mama” =Mama
“kanie” =Katie
“ay-ay” =AJ
“babby” =Abby
“luluuuu” =grandma on dad’s side
“teeeegeeeee” =her dog
“gama” =grandma on mom’s side
“eye” =usually said as she’s trying to poke yours out
“chee” =cheek
“mouw” =mouth
“eahow” =ear
“teef” =teeth (usually said when she wants them brushed, which is about 10 times a day!) “degle”=tickle me
“baaaaaaa!” =gimme a bath now and nobody gets hurt
“dea” =tea or any other liquid that might refresh
“mook” =milk
“copple” =popsicle
“bunner” =peanut butter
“chip” = any little round object that is salty
“kacker” =cracker
“poom” =spoon
“baby” =any stuffed animal, preferably a duck (she’s partial to little yellow duckies)
“bahyo” =pillow or could sometimes mean blanket
“gagi” =ice cream
“pipah” =diaper (change it now, please)
“peas” =please
“kankum” =thank you
“bubBooL” =bubble
“Bible” = any book
“yeddow” =any color she finds pretty or interesting
“cap” =any thing you put on her head
“clap, clap, clap!” =I want to watch Miss Patty Cakes
“go!” =get me out of here now! take me anywhere that you’re going!
“hew kit, kit” =calling the newborn kittens
“dawg” =dog
“tuck! tuck!” I can’t get something out = it’s stuck/or she hurt herself in some way
“bye-bye” =I’m leaving/glad to see you go
“crap” =said when I drop something (um…trying to break her of this one, I’m afraid I say it, so she has taken to thinking that’s what you say when you make a mess, drop something, etc.) “come!” =said with outstretched hand, usually wants you to get something from the fridge for her or to go the the living room and rock her.
“chew chew”=train

These are just a few of the words you might need this dictionary for when you come to visit us or if you are so brave as to talk to her on the phone. She loves the telephone, but like most kids, her interaction and conversation is silent. She does the typical nodding of the head and smiles and grins when she hears something she likes. She’s really quite the character these days.

Something to be thankful for…

Someone once said, “Freedom is not free.” Have you ever thought about that?
God Bless the USA
I’m so thankful to have been born in America where I have to freedom to worship the One True God who created the Heavens and the Earth- and not some dead guy with a fat belly or worse yet, the god of this world.
I’m thankful for the men and women who forged the way by making a long trip across the sea to face the unknown for their right to own land, and have social and religious freedoms.
I’m thankful for the flag, the symbol of our freedom. It’s a daily reminder of those who have died and shed their blood for our right to choose where we live, where we shop, where our kids go to school, and where we go to church. It’s also a reminder of those who are serving today, who will die doing all those same things.
I’m thankful for the men and women who make daily sacrifices to protect our everyday freedoms by committing to serve in the Armed Forces. I pray that God keeps a hedge of protection about them and that they might return to their families safe and sound.
I’m thankful for my family, (both far and near), the friends I have made in this life, and mostly, I am thankful that I am born again and that I serve a risen Saviour. The cross is my Statue of Liberty for it was there that my soul was set free.

The Joys Of Parenting….

I was packing for my trip a couple of days ago and my 3-year old son was having a wonderful time playing on the bed. At one point he said, “Mommy, look at this,” and stuck out two of his fingers. Trying to keep him entertained, I reached out and stuck his tiny fingers in my mouth and said, “Mommy’s gonna eat your fingers!” pretending to eat them before I rushed out of the room again. When I returned, my son was standing on the bed staring at his fingers with a devastated look on his face. I said, “What’s wrong, honey?” He replied, “What happened to my booger?

And Yet Another Birthday Party…

Today, I took my kids to their cousin’s birthday party.

It was one of those I-knew-I-couldn’t-tell-them-in-advance-or-they’d-bug-me-to-death-kind-of-things.

Know what I mean, Vern?

I mean, come on…who ISN’T going to bug their mom about a birthday party for a two year old where swimming in a giant pool and hot dogs, ice cream, cake, and presents are the main event? Did I say there was swimming?

Did I mention yet that only one of my three can swim? Did I also mention that I will NEVER take them to their cousin’s birthday party by myself again???? Do you have any idea how hard it is to watch a 4 yr old with floaties who, up until this year was terrified of water, while keeping both eyes and hands on 19 month old toddler in the pool?

Factor in a 9 year old doing running twirls and spins off the diving board and you can imagine what a “lovely” time I had…(note the “dripping” sarcasm).

Whomever thought up the bright idea for a pool party should be spanked and put down for a nap.

Speaking of naps, my adrenaline rush is just about up and I’m going to have to take one here pretty soon or else I’ll just faint right in the mid

So You Say It’s Your Birthday…

Today is my birthday. Doesn’t feel like my birthday. It feels like just another day lost in a year of 365 days. Why is it when you get older that your birthday is just another day? When exactly does it lose its sparkle?
I can remember being a kid and looking forward to turning one year older all year. I’d usually begin anticipating my next birthday as soon as my party was over. We never had a lot of money when I was a kid. Some folks would call us poor. But my mom went all out for my birthday – she’d invite all of my friends (usually only about 4 would show up), clean the house (although I don’t have a clue why she’d do that with 5 rowdy kids about to break out the cake and punch), and she’d bake a chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate frosting (my absolute favorite cake to this day, but only if she makes it).
My husband is so great. He got me a new cd stereo player for my car. It’s so great, because I really needed it. My old stereo was just that…old. The CD player quit working about 2 years ago and the radio only works sometimes. Our family LOVES music. We are all musically inclined, whether it be playing guitar, piano, or singing, everyone has a talent. We pop in one of our cds and the whole family sings along. I have missed having music in my car. It makes even a trip to the grocery store worthwhile when your kids are all singing an old Cathedrals song in the backseat, right down to the baby, who mostly just oohs and ahhs with the music.
Today will be a great day…not because it’s my birthday, but because God has allowed me to draw breath today….and I get to spend it with 3 of the 4 people I love more than anything in this world – my kids. They know it’s my birthday…they’ve been counting down since the day after we celebrated it last year. They are the best present any mom could ask for.

Tell Me Stories and Sing Me Songs…

It has been our ritual every night for the last 5 years to put our kids to bed with stories and songs and prayers. AJ, our son, is the one who really clings to the tradition. Every night he asks me when it’s time to go to bed if I”ll “Pway, and tell me stowies, and sing me songs?” It’s like he knows that one day he’s going to outgrow it and the “magical” time with mom and dad is over. Usually, it’s his daddy that he wants the stories and songs from while mom just tickles or holds Abby. It’s such a precious, special time with our two youngest ones…I sometimes feel guilty that Katie is missing out on it (she has deemed herself too old at nine for any more stories or songs) but then her voice rings out from the other end of the hall as dad is telling a story he’s told AJ a gajillion times “Daddy, you forgot the part where the cat jumped up on the farmer’s head!” and I know she’s still involved in her own way.
Abby fell asleep in my chair tonight, so it was just AJ that got the prayers, stories and songs. Sometimes I get tired of thinking up stories to tell them, but I realize it’s only for a short time that we will have this family tradition…so I just retell Bible stories and the classics I grew up with. Maybe we’ll have another 5 years of this…I’m going to miss my babies when they are too old to fall asleep in my chair and too old to remember the times they asked me to tell them stories and sing them songs…

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