Calling All Homeschoolers

If you haven’t already done this, you really ought to do it. I have been getting our school year lined out and discovered the Vark Questionnaire. It is an analysis that tells you what kind of learner you are. You can also download a printable version for your child and find out what kind of learner they are – I think it’s an extremely valuable tool for any homeschooling parent. I have always known Katie is a kinesthetic learner, but did not know what I was.
Here is my assessment:
The VARK Questionnaire Results
Your scores were:
Visual: 6
Aural: 0
Read/Write: 8
Kinesthetic: 1
We are like night and day! lol No wonder some days I want to pull my hair out when teaching her!
GO here to take the test: click here
Good luck to you!

Only A Mother Would Understand…

After church yesterday afternoon, I drove to my friend Angie’s house and dropped Katie off so she could spend a week with LeAnn at church camp in Arkansas.
On the drive back, while my two toddlers were napping, I had the unusual opportunity to get lost in thought and do some planning for the week ahead. Not only am I planning on getting all of Katie’s school year mapped out, but I am also going to have my youngest (20 months) potty trained by the time Katie comes back.
She’s been showing signs of readiness for the last 2 months to be honest. I just didn’t want to admit that my “baby” was growing up. Isn’t that stupid?!?! I have the chance to save $50 a month in diaper fees and I’m not just jumping at the opportunity?!?! I know, I know…it’s dumb. At least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. I could take that $50 and invest it in something that’s going to return more than a stinky garbage pail and a rash on my daughter’s behind.
So last night I was sitting on the couch with her, reading a book to her and I felt that “mommy instinct” kick in. She was very, very still and very very intent. That meant one thing. She was about to do a “poo poo”….I swept her up off the couch and without much fanfare asked her if she needed to potty…and she said, “uh-huh”…so off we went. She sat and sat and sat…she resisted at first, because it’s probably not a comfortable feeling your first time going and having all that air under you when you’re not used to it. Her little hands kept gripping the sides of the potty handles that sit on top of the toilet seat and she kept looking at me like, “What are you DOING to me?” I smiled, she relaxed and out it came.
So there ya have it. Her first #2 on the potty. Woo hoo! Of course, we made a big deal…and we couldn’t flush it till daddy got home an hour later so he could see and make a big deal out of it all over. We celebrated that first poop for and hour and 30 minutes!
Today, she’s wearing her “big girl panties”…we’re going to the potty every 30 minutes so we don’t have any accidents (who am I trying to fool? lol) And yes, I have the carpet and stain remover ready once again…the febreze is on standby and ready to be used at any moment, and we’ve got clorox wipes in the bathroom again for all the times we “wait just a wee bit too long”.
It’s something that only another mom could understand…for the next week, I’ll be on the pee and poop cheerleader brigade.

Garage Sale Blues

Well, the day has come. The one thing I said I’d never do again. I’m having a garage sale tomorrow.
Is there anything worse than having a garage sale?
I don’t think so. Really, I don’t. Just the THOUGHT of haggling over stuff I have bought and KNOW the value of makes me cringe. I’m the type that will usually put a price on the item thats what I think is “really fair” and it just irks the crud out of me when someone wants to talk me down. Okay, the store price tag says $40, I have a sticker that says $5 and you want it for $3? Get out of here! I don’t need your money! :o) Okay…I’m not quite that bad, but I really, really, really hate it.
On the other hand, we really, really, really could use the money! (hence the sole reason of having a garage sale…you want to DO something that requires money you DON’T have)
So, off I go to set up for those early Friday morning risers (the paper says 8am, but I’m not stupid – those crazies start showing up as soon as they see you pulling stuff outside!). Wish me luck!
Happiest of Thursdays to you, mates!

If He Were a Frog, I’d Have Kissed Him!

So yesterday, our air conditioner went out.
Yep, kablooey. Out. No more cool air flowing through the ducts in our house.
Did I mention it’s hot here in Texas right now? Like, 110 in the shade hot? The heat index IN THE SHADE is 110. Not cool. H. O. T. As in Hades hot. Our inside house temp rose to a nice balmy 95 degrees. Have you ever tried to get two toddlers to take a nap in that kind of heat? Hot, sticky, icky, sweaty, nasty heat? Here in Texas, we are SOOOOO fortunate to be able to lay claim to that whole thing about, “Yeah….it’s not the heat that kills ya, it’s the HUMIDITY” At times the air feels so thick you could slice it with a knife.
So I call our A/C guy. He’s at work (he owns an a/c company on the side) and says for me to call him back after 3 p.m. It’s now 11 am and the house is already hot. Sigh. Okay, I’ll call you back….the hours slow to a C-R-A-W-L. Three kids, hot house, nothing else to do but fill up on popsicles!
After consuming an entire box of popsicles over the course of 7 hours (he didn’t get here until 6:oo p.m.), the air was fixed! How long does it take to get your house from 95 degrees to 78?(which is where I leave our thermostat in the summer) It took about 5 hours for the poor a/c to get it cooled off to just 80 degrees. See, we have vaulted ceilings in our house…that’s not good.
All’s well that ends well, though. He only charged us $50, he got it fixed fast, and I was able to get out of bed this morning without feeling like I had just gone swimming.
I’m telling you, I could have kissed him.

Focus Pocus

Our RVP had a 4-hr blitz meeting in Lufkin Saturday and my husband and I drove 3 HOURS to sit through it. Boy, am I glad we did! I learned more in that 4 hours about building business and relationships than I think I ever learned in the corporate world. Probably because I’ve always worked for companies that “say” they want to help people, but bottom line, they just want to help themselves. Don’t get me wrong…we help people AND we get paid an incredibly stupid amount for doing it, but we really help people get out of debt and become financially independent. The first time Floy and I sat down and looked at the gameplan for our family, we were in shock at how far away we were from reaching any retirement goals…we didn’t have any real plans for our future…we were like most people – a little saved, no investments, and no income protection,and NO PLAN. But now we’re on the road to building that future, and I’m psyched.
ALL that said (I tend to get long winded at times), I have decided I have too many “distractions” in my life. If we’re going to get to the top, I have to stay “FOCUSED” on my goals. So I’m closing my ebay store. Part of me is soooooo relieved. Part of me is soooooo sad.
See, I don’t really care about the stupid ebay store. I haven’t sold much out of it since ebay made those ridiculous changes back in April. What I care about is a few of the friends I have made in my ebay moms support group. We were all talking last week about the fact that we are all so busy in our “other jobs” and motherhood, that few of us have any people in our lives that we’d call close friends. It’s hard to make them. When you’re a stay at home mom, about the only people you see regularly is your garbage man and the mail carrier. I admit some months I don’t pay my trash bill JUST SO THE LADY WILL COME TO MY DOOR to get a check from me! How sad is that?!?! lol Same with the mail carrier…I’d have cookies for her when she came to pick up my ebay mail…lol. Hey…I’m telling you, I’m a recluse! (some of you would NEVER believe that given my *sparkling* personality, I know).
None of our husbands understand it (well, mine “sort of does”, because although we met in “real life”, introduced by none other than his best friend, David, whom I trained for the phone company before he joined the military to get away from it all, we were living in separate cities at the time – 5 hrs away from each other and we sort of “courted” over the internet between visits to one another). How can you be friends with someone you’ve never even met? What is a friend, anyway?
Friend – n.
A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement
I’d say that pretty much sums it up for me. I can’t explain it other than to say that a lot of us have A LOT in common with one another. In fact, it’s kind of scary how much in common we have. And we found each other out of over 1000 groups on ebay. What are the odds of that happening?
I don’t want to lose their friendship and I sometimes worry that they will think I’m “abandoning” them…but then I come to my senses and remember if they are truly my “friends”, they’ll be supportive and encouraging of my decision to quit ebaying. (Are you guys reading this?!?) lol
So…here’s to FOCUS in 2006.

A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama

Okay, so my blog doesn’t really have anything to do with that palindrome…I just love it. Read it backwards and it’s the same thing…hence, “palindrome”. I wonder why they couldn’t come up with another word for palindrome that IS a palindrome?
So my daughter Katie is 9. She’s growing up really fast. Yesterday she came up to me after her shower and said, “Mom…I’ve got hair….THERE”. I was thinking to myself, “WHERE?” Then she lifted up her arm to reveal three of the blackest hairs you have ever seen on a 9 year old’s armpit. (Can I say PHEW!?!) I managed to keep a straight face and told her I’d buy her an electric razor for that in the next week or so since she’s going to camp and I don’t want her to be embarrassed. She had the most pitiful look on her face until she caught sight of mine and we just could NOT keep it together any longer and we both burst out laughing.
I’m glad she’s growing up. She’s a fine young lady with good manners, polite conversation, a loving demeanor…and oh yeah, three little black hairs under her arm until mom buys her an electric razor!

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